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Uitmi Testimonials & Reviews

View different Uimi customer testimonials and reviews! Uitmi would like to thank you for all the customer's patience, help, and advice over the years. Testimonials and reviews from Utimi who posted their experiences, feelings for sex toys and bondage gear or accessories with us.
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This is such a great product! I was a little unsure if my wife would like this when I first ordered this product, but we tried it and she loved it! It brought the spark back into our bedroom. It’s very easy to use! I love that it has the loops at the end to help pull it out and keep it from going all the way in! Nothing but smiles from us here!

I've had a few sex toys, but never anything like this! This is easily my favorite sex toy. And the rabbit head is a nice touch! Definitely recommend!

This is one of the best patting/sucking toys I’ve ever owned! I used to have one that was a bit deeper (different brand) and I honestly wish this one was as well, since it doesn’t fully envelop larger clitorises. But it gets me fully sated, and that’s difficult to do!

Probably my favorite toy I’ve ever had. The heat really kicks things up several knotches! Silky smooth silicone, and bendy enough to reach the spot some men can’t seem to find! The rabbit ears really complete the whole thing. You will not regret buying this one ladies... ;)

My girlfriend and I have been experimenting with lots of toys for the past few months. This one's nice - No noise - it starts off subtle and then becomes stronger at every press of the power button, we like the texture and the long life of the battery when fully charged - We are very pleased with this .

This is an awesome little vibrator. The battery life is about an hour. I wish that it was longer because sometimes it takes me longer to achieve my goal but it's still an awesome vibrator

I've had a few toys in my adult life so my review of THIS toy should really be considered!! This is THE BEST toy that I've ever had in my collection!!! Woooo Chile!!! This thing has two different settings for the rabbit ears and the dildo portion, so you can have two different vibrations going on at the same time!!! When I tell you that the climax I experience with this thing is UTIMIIIII!! It is truly an INTELLIGENT toy!! I told my close friends about it too!!! I'm like you have GOT TO ORDER THIS TOYYY!! This is not just a purchase, it's an INVESTMENT!!

My partner and I wanted to add something new to our collection and we didn't have a rabbit vibrator so after reading the reviews we decided on this one. Let me tell you, did not disappoint! Here's the breakdown.

- First off the heating feature is very pleasant, nothing crazy but feel luxurious.
- The silicon is super soft, feels like silk.
- It has some length to it, so that's good if you have a deeper vagina, but it is very flexible so I think most anyone could use it well.
- Battery life is great and charging is easy.
- Waterproof for sure haha ;)
- Rabbit ears and shaft are fun to use and feel great.
- Easy to use buttons with lots of modes

So far I have no cons for this product. Another home run from PHANXY!

I really like the weight of this cage! I’ve been wearing it for a week now and haven’t had any issues. I will say that if you are a runner, you’ll want tight underwear to hold everything in place.

Don't hesitate! Just buy it!This is amazing! I love that it has different settings. I used the lowest setting in the video on a low battery. It isn’t loud the lower the setting the quieter it is. The “rabbit clitoris” part feels so amazingly good. If you are the type that gets off with clit play this will be amazing for you especially if you don’t like strong vibrations on your clit. The vibration is stronger in the base of the dildo which you can control. A full charge last for two days depending on how much you use it. I use mines two- three times a week. It washes well with soap & water or a toy cleaner. The only thing I wish it had was a thicker shaft (base). Overall I would definitely recommend especially if you are a beginner with sex toys especially for $39.

I LOVE this thing. It comes in a sleek box. I was immediately impressed by the feel of the toy.
It’s easy to clean, it’s quiet, and it gets the jobs done! The battery life is great. I’ve used it a few times and haven’t had to charge it and doesn’t seem to be any weaker. I’ll most definitely be looking into more products from this company.

I'm not as enthusiastic as many here, as a pump it's ok but doesn't do it like a normal hand pump. The meat insert is ok but far too little pressure and hardly any stimulation of the glans. The vibrating egg can hardly be felt. Too expensive for only pump function.

Not strong enough, no feeling.

This is a nice toy. Utimi rabbit and main shaft vibrate and the main shaft is flexible. The texture is silky smooth. The controls are simple with wonderfull different functions. It's waterproof which also makes it super easy to clean. It's not silent but it is pretty quiet and lasts for a while. The no fuss magnetic charging cord is lovely. Definitely worth the purchase.

We wanted to try something different. When the warm tip hits the G-Spot it makes me orgasm more quickly and certainly more powerfully. This is my new favorite toy to use while my husband watches me make myself squirt. Great addition. BUY ONE

Smh....this Mr. Happy is a delight. Mr. Happy takes me there EVERYYYY TIMEEE. Who ever came up with this product...Einstein. I can't go 5 mins on top without reaching my peak. I try to hold on, but its so good, my legs collapse. I want to cry. Its hard to hold on to your manifesting idea when your whole body is going through an earthquake and your legs gives out. Thank the heavens I have other toys that takes me a little longer to reach my peak.
Mr. Happy reveal to me that I am a squirter. Now I just need to train myself to hold on for minimum 10mins .

OH MY GOD!!!! This device is amazing. I use it about 3x a day. No directing him where to put his mouth. With this device I go straight to climax ina about 30 seconds. It's good, easy and convenient. I keep mine in my pocket all GET ONE!!!!

This item will make your lady lose her mind - you as a man need to be pretty confident and secure in your sexual abilities to please your woman because this 'toy' does a really good job without you - you have been warned. That being said, it brings a lot of fun to the bedroom. As the man it's your job to use this on her while you also do 'other' things - don't let her touch it!

I love me some vibrating beads! The silicone is very soft and comfortable.

This one is a mind blower! You surprised how this will make you feel! It is a must!

Feels very comfortable to keep inside, due to the flexibility of the plug.However, this flexibility makes it near impossible to use as a normal anal bead toy so know this is a butt plug first and foremost.

I only use these on myself, and they're a lot of fun. I've never tried anal beads before so this was a good entry-level toy at a good price point. They gradually go up in size then gradually back down, so you'll get a bit of everything!

Depending on your experience, this may not be the best beginners toy, but if you dabble then it’s a nice buy. Super easy clean. No rough edges. To some it might feel slightly uncomfortable the closer you get to the end from the “string” between them but it’s not bad. Nice weight. Very discreet packaging. Use with a toy or your man in the front and you will be in heaven.

I loved it.It's both fun to just keep in(and I've tried going about normally) or to stroke in and out on the ridges.If you've done anal before and you use lube(water based for the material) or a lotion(so it doesn't slip out as easy if that's what you want)itll probably be a great diameter for you. But for me I got the slightly longer size and it took a couple times of using it so that it could actually fit all the way, let alone get to the point where I could even sit on it normally. With toys like this i do like to wear it under my clothes as like a secret tease to myself or my partner likes to have me do it as foreplay. For this one though, it certainly can be uncomfortable to try and sit on like nothing is there (of course that's mostly to be blamed on length so it's your determination). For me, itll only be at home and not like any other kind of plug.

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