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10 Mode Vibrating Male Masturbator

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male masturbation
vibrator for men

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Chess Claire
Great for Trans-Masc

Product came with great service. I received this and the silicone sleeve had a defect that impacted the functionality. The seller quickly replaced.

This toy is FANTASTIC for transmasculine folks who are pre bottom surgery. It works even better with two sleeves due to size but it holds suction and surprisingly the vibrations are nice. My only complaint is that you cannot have the sucking function work independently of the vibrations. It can vibrate without sucking and vibrate with sucking, but not suck without vibrations.

Great toy, quite effective!

This toy has a great variety of settings for both sucking power and vibration. Additionally, theres an optional insert piece that helps it to be applicable to a wide variety of sizes. The main downside that I noticed is that the cleaning mechanism is related to the sucking aspect of the toy, and really only works when this part is on. Otherwise, the rest of it is fairly easy to clean, and intuitive to use. Overall, its really effective in my opinion, and has a nice variety of settings to use.

Greg Fricks
Fun toy to find

This is a fun toy. Good suction and vibration power. Charge lasts 5 or more sessions. Works as described and it pretty intense. Can use hands free after turning on. There's no remote, which would have been a great bonus. The sleeve came with a small cut in it, and has gotten only slightly larger. Cleaning the inside is ok. Not hard, but not the easiest. Noise isn't too bad, but for those wanting to be out and about with it, might be a bit bulky, depending on the clothing.

Overall, I would recommend it. I really do enjoy it.

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Better than I expected

Someone else mentioned it feeling like a blowjob at times, and I was quite skeptical of this claim. I can attest to its veracity though. Fun time. You wont regret this purchase!

Good Toy

Works well! Vacuum function attaches firmly and allows consistent sensation, unlike some vibrators. Pretty easy to clean. Worth the buy. Has two pieces, the toy itself is something like silicone and there's an inserted ring part made of a softer material. Very enjoyable.

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