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Sex Advice

  • Anal Orgasms: A Beginner’s Guide
    November 17, 2022 UtimiSextoys

    Anal Orgasms: A Beginner’s Guide

    What Is An Anal Orgasm? Anal orgasms are involuntary muscle contractions experienced by a person during rhythmic penetration or stimulation of their anus. Despite what many pleasure-seekers may claim, these muscle contractions are the same whether it's anal, vaginal, penile,...

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  • Tips about Anal Sex
    November 15, 2022 UtimiSextoys

    Tips about Anal Sex

    Anal sex isn’t something that everyone experiences and even fewer are able to do it without pain or discomfort. Of course, once you learn how to do anal sex correctly, there’s nothing wrong with trying it out and seeing if...

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  • Things You Should Know About the Clitoris
    November 2, 2022 UtimiSextoys

    Things You Should Know About the Clitoris

    The clitoris is the organ of pleasure, and we are born with it. This little nub of nerve tissue is responsible for making you feel good when you're having sex, but what is it? That's right: the clitoris is an...

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  • Orgasms: The Ultimate Guide
    Oktober 26, 2022 UtimiSextoys

    Orgasms: The Ultimate Guide

    What Is An Orgasm? An orgasm, also known as “cumming” or reaching a climax, is frequently categorized as the fourth and final stage in the sexual response cycle.    Orgasming is often marked by a series of physical sensations, such...

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  • Sex: Just How Good Is It For You?
    Oktober 7, 2022 UtimiSextoys

    Sex: Just How Good Is It For You?

    Sex is something that many people enjoy and is something that leads to a high level of happiness, pleasure, and intimacy between partners. However, not everyone knows the benefits of sex for their health. In order to promote healthier, happier...

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