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What are Anal Dildos?

What are Anal Dildos?

You can enjoy anal stimulation without ever having anal sex all thanks to anal dildos! One of the most popular types of sex toys, anal dildos allow you experiment with backdoor penetration safely and comfortably. You can use anal dildos by yourself or with a friend during sex. You can use them as a “special occasion” toy or as a tool to prepare yourself for having anal sex. Since they’re specifically designed for anal sex, there are a number of features that distinguish anal dildos from regular dildos.

The base is the first major feature that distinguishes an anal dildo from its cousins. Anal dildos feature a flared base that limits just how far they can go and ensures that you can always remove your dildo when you’re done. The flared based is a vital safety feature that can spare you an embarrassing visit to the hospital or doctor. Flared bases are also useful because many of them are compatible with strap-on harnesses for role reversal or pegging. Many flared bases also come with a built-in suction cup, which allows you to enjoy your anal dildo in a variety of different positions like anal doggy or anal cowgirl.

The other major feature that makes anal dildos different from regular ones is the type of material used. While dildos are made from a wide variety of materials, anal dildos are made from materials with special hygienic properties that make them easier to maintain and keep clean. These anal-friendly materials include silicone, glass and metal to name a few. 

Anal dildos are also much smaller than regular ones. While the average dildo is about 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches long, most anal dildos are less than 1 inch wide and about 4 inches long. It might sound small… until you actually try an anal dildo out for the first time!

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