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The Top 10 Sex Mistakes People Are Still Making

The Top 10 Sex Mistakes People Are Still Making

Sex mistakes aren’t limited to calling out an ex’s name during orgasm or answering your phone mid-thrust. Let’s take a look at the top 10 sex mistakes that thousands of lovers around the globe are still making. Recognize any of these?

Sex Mistakes To Avoid

1. Poor Personal Hygiene

If you don’t bother to keep your intimate areas as clean as possible, chances are your partner won’t enjoy sex with you as much as you’d hope. They may start finding reasons not to visit those areas at all. So, wash regularly and please: keep it clean.

2. Believing Sex Myths

Feel like you have to have sex like a porn star or be the next Christian Grey and Ana Steele?

In reality, not everyone has (or wants) a Red Room of Pain, a bleached anus or regularly waxed genitals. Lose the unnecessary guilt due to silly sex myths -and feel proud that you’re keeping it real with your partner.

3. Piling On The Pressure

You think the dry humping and roaming fingers is endearingly playful, but they’re secretly wondering how to tell you to back off. When you’re receiving body language signals that they’re not in the mood, drop it.

And under no circumstances should you ever guilt or emotionally blackmail for sex. That’s really not sexy.

4. Not Communicating

You think your sex life’s great, you have sex all the time. But wait… when was the last time you talked about your sex life outside the bedroom?

Honest and relaxed discussion about your fantasies and desires offers the chance to reveal what you really want, as well as highlighting any areas you both feel need some improvement.

5. Bad Timing

What do I mean by bad timing being one of those common sex mistakes? Bad sex timing could mean showing a lack of spontaneity in your sex life, or not planning enough time for sex in an otherwise busy life.

If you always have sex on the same day every week, at the same time, or feel that you simply don’t have enough time to get passionate with your partner, it’s definitely time to sort it out. Break the monotony.

6. Being Unprepared

We’ve all been there.

-You’re worked up, he’s ready to enter – but where are the condoms?

-You grab your favorite “guaranteed orgasm” sex toy – but the batteries are dead.

-They’re begging you to bind their wrists and have your way with them – but you can’t for the life of you remember where you put those new bondage cuffs.

Being prepared is the key to hiccup-free sex, whether it’s having enough lubricant and batteries, making sure the condom drawer is topped up or regularly re-organizing your sex toys and bondage gear collection.

7. Zero Imagination

When you’re comfortable with your partner it’s easy to allow sex to become a habit., to stick with your tried and tested way and nothing else. Unfortunately, any comfort is short-lived when you realize that your sex life has become stale and boring, and one or both of you suffer a loss of interest.

Spice it up with some kinky role-play, wearing new sexy lingerie or simply changing the location to a different room. Read 7 Ways To Recapture Your Honeymoon Sex Life for more in-depth advice.

8. Thinking Ejaculation = End Of Sex

He ejaculates, he rolls over, he goes to sleep. Done. Sound familiar?

Ejaculation shouldn’t necessarily signal the end of sex. Women (in particular, but not limited to) usually require a more stimulating sex session than simply being the recipient of a few cock-thrusts.

Ensure both of you enjoy a fully rounded sex session that meets your needs. For example, you could spend time treating each other to a very thorough erotic massage session during foreplay. Or spice it up with some fantasy-indulgent roleplay before sexual intercourse. And don’t ruin your good work by losing interest after ejaculation – ensure that the other person’s needs continue to be met to their complete satisfaction.

9. No Dirty Talk

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to let physical stimulation overtake the ability to concentrate and communicate. The room may end up silent other than carnal grunting and sex-related squelching.

However, investing in some key “dirty talk” phrases can really ramp up the temperature. As a bonus, dirty talk reveals what you’re really thinking to your partner, as well as the effort involved being a compliment in itself. Yes, indulging in the dirty talk can lead to some truly spectacular sex.

10. Faking It

Despite the widespread focus on & availability of sex education, a shift towards greater sexual liberation and positivity, people still feel the need to fake orgasms.

Faking an orgasm is not only dishonesty to your partner and disrespect to yourself, it also stifles any sex life improvements which could otherwise happen. Instead of faking, talk and make the efforts required towards mutual satisfaction during sex. And remember that good sex doesn’t necessarily include orgasms.

Now you’re aware of the top 10 sex mistakes people are still making, hopefully, you’ll be able to swerve the problems and head directly towards the best sex of your life.

Improving your sex life doesn’t always need to mean making grandiose, dramatic changes – as they say, the devil’s in the detail. Set aside some time to think about the sex you’re having with your partner, and do this both alone and with your partner present. Muse over what you’d change, if you could, then figure out the steps you need to take in order to get there.

Open Communication

Talk with your partner about how you feel (tactfully!) and ask them to be honest with you about changes they’d like to make in the bedroom.

Having this open and honest discussion –both with yourself and your lover- outside the (often pressured) environment of the bedroom will keep your love life fresh, exciting – and perfect for you.

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