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Utimi-Open Mouth Gags - Product reviews & Guides

Open Mouth Gags - Product Reviews & Guides

Making use of tricks in BDSM play typically takes place within bondage as well as fantasy roleplay circumstances. A gag renders the user not able to speak as well as come in several selections, with the majority of filling the mouth or being created to force the mouth open. The sort of trick made use of is mainly dependent on individual choice, what kind of roleplay (if any kind of) may be consisted of in the scene and also if there are any type of safety and security factors to consider that require to be absorbed to account.

 utimi BDSM open mouth ball gags-product reviews & guides

Guides for buying one

They're pretty direct (like other gags), and maybe even a bit much safer compared to sphere gags (with even more space to breathe)-- although ball gags aren't really unsafe BDSM products.

I would certainly suggest looking out for FOUR points.

1. RING SIZE-- Make certain it's a diameter that you or your partner is comfortable with (as well as don't assume they'll "get used to it". Smaller rings are much better those starting. After that, you can gradually build up.

2. PRODUCT-- Silicone is wonderful for cleansing while natural leather looks badass. Keep an eye out for silicone charlatans and hardware that's nickel-plated (if you're allergic). Also, silicone is softer and much better if you don't wish to bite down on something hard.

3. PRICE-- They are simple styles. And also even if you're using silicone or stainless-steel, it must still be extremely inexpensive. It's when you start getting involved in even more intricate layouts that the expense will certainly go up.

4. CLEANING-- Ensure that you are able to sterilize all the nooks as well as crannies.


About Open Mouth Gag 

Gags are commonly utilized in mix with other kinds of physical restrictions and are generally connected with play that involves specific sorts of penalty and also control. Using a open mouth gag can boost a sensation of vulnerability throughout a scene along with increase sexual pleasure. Some individuals fetishize the audio gagged individuals while some are likewise turned on by the irrepressible drooling that occurs with specific kinds of gags.

If you like drooling, inserting things into the mouth, and/or a variety in your gag collection, Utimi's open mouth gags for you! Here are some quick tips and products put below.


Inflatable open mouth gag

BDSM inflatable open mouth gag sex toy

This size-able inflatable open mouth ball gag plug is designed to deliver customized pleasure she can enjoy a solo play or take turns with your other plaything. You’ve never had a mouth toy as much fun as this one.

The silicone pump gag plug is 3 inches in length inflates between 1.46-2.17 inches in diameter, 2.68 inches long, Safe, sanitary, and secure. Perfect Open Mouth Gag Sex Toy gift for BDSM bondage gag party.

Inflating by pressure bulb, easy to be pumped and deflate by a hand, let slave open the mouth and keep it in place.


According to our one reviewer:

"The material it's made of is great. very stretchy comfortable and no taste.
Really enjoyed experimenting with the different feelings it makes when you rotate it. Also really like that you can disconnect the pump making it easier to leave in for long periods. Not having a strap makes it less intimidating to people that are new to using inflatable gags. And you could always add an O ring gag to make it more secure and intense. Although it can grow to a very Intense size, it will definitely fill your sub's mouth."


O-Ring mouth gag with leather bondage suit

BDSM o-ring mouth ball gag sex toy leather bondage suit with breast nipple clamp

Do you have the fetish fantasy? Are you looking for high-quality SM restraint sets for your sexual experience and climax? The products you choose maybe make you down and frustrated.

This Sexy slave kit comes with a nipple clamp and an O-ring mouth gag to help you or your lover learn the meaning of submissiveness in the softest most comfortable way possible.

SM bondage sets are equipped with open mouth gag and nipple clamps, which is made of high-quality silicone and PU.

Adjustable neck strap with a key will make you feel more comfortable and fits most people. Now it is time to explore the depths of bondage and BDSM. 


According to our one reviewer:

"Love love love this product!! fits amazingly! i am very small, 105 pounds with a D cup size, my breasts fit perfectly in this . I am extremely happy the collar gets tight enough for my tiny neck because i usually have trouble finding collars small enough. It is very sturdy. only thing is i had to do was adjust the chains on the nipple clamps but that's no biggie.clamps stay on, the rubber protection on the clamps can come off as some have said, but you can just glue them on the metal so that should be not of issue. Super sexy , great price, great material and i highly recommend!"


Ball mouth gag with nipple clamps

Utimi Ball mouth gag with nipple clamps


The ball gag that many people can conveniently determine. It gets its name from the sphere (normally constructed from rubber or silicone) that is placed behind the teeth in the mouth of the wearer, gagging them. The positioning of the ball in the mouth compels the mouth open and also renders the wearer incapable to speak but still able to make sounds. The dimension of the ball can vary and they commonly have a strap that walks around the area of the head to protect it to the wearer, yet can also come in even more fancy harness designs. 

1. Moderate open mouth ball gag, made of medical-grade silicone, odorless and safe.
2. Nipple clamp with chain, adjustable with the screw, feel comfortable without the pressure.  
3. Compact and lightweight, convenient to carry around.
4. Adjustable neck straps by means of buckle and key, fits almost all.
5. Best gift for your lover and beginner, enrich your sexual life.
6. A highly erotic way to explore your hidden desires with a trusted partner.


According to our one reviewer:

"Really great product made of equability material, I couldn't ask for more. While I like the lock I personally just dont like the extra work of locking and unlocking it but this really isn't an issue. The ball is soft and not to big. My GF has never used one but she liked the size of it. The clamps are good an adjustable. I immediately super glued the tips which I would recommend. I did take them off the gag and just connected them to the chain. This takes some work but it's more than doable."

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