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Does Anal Sex Hurt You?

Does Anal Sex Hurt You?

Anal sex usually is considered as a part of the taboo because the canal is used for defecation, but actually, anal canal conveniently points straight towards two of the most sensitive spots on our bodies: The G-spot in women (through the anal wall), and P-spot (prostate) in men. Women and man can get much pleasure from anal sex. The idea of anal sex hurts always is a common knowledge, actually, the truth is if you pay attention to your body and know how to respond when you notice a change in how sexual stimulation is feeling, there would no sex hurt you.

 Lube, Lube, Lube!! Lube always is a good helper when you think about having anal sex. It is true that lots of people experience some pain at their first time, but mostly due to lack of communication, cooperation and not enough lube. You know that the butt hasn’t its own lubricant, you may hurt yourself without lubricant. Silicone lube would be good as it doesn’t dry up quickly, and our bodies can expel it when we’re in anal sex. When using water-based lube, be sure to re-apply often, as you might not realize that your lube has dried up deep inside you.

It’s better for your partner to wear a condom, anal sex is high-risk for transmitting STDs, using condoms can decrease the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Meanwhile, it makes you avoid the trouble of clear deep of the anal canal. Anal canal’s surface is fragile and can micro-tear easily, a silky condom can help the penis easy to enter.

Clean up your anal is an essential step when starting with an anal sex. You can use your finger to clear the anal, to clean yourself with the warm water that would reduce the discomfort to your enteric canal. Besides, enema is a good choice for clearing out your anal canal deep to 10 inches.

How anal sex wouldn’t hurt you

Your sphincter muscles are being stretched when you are in anal sex. Actually, there is no harm to stretch these muscles as long as be properly stretched. When stretching the muscles what you need to do is relax, and not simply learn to tolerate the pain of them being stretched. If you are nervous about the anal sex and bear the uncomfortable of stretching, your nervous nerve will stop you to enjoy the pleasure from anal sex.

  • Self-anal masturbation would relax you. You are the only one who can directly know the response of your body, through an anal masturbation can relax your nerves and sphincter muscles.
  • Choose the right partner. Communicating with your partner and be sure he is the person who cares of your feeling during anal sex
  • Always be patient and never rush
  • Lubricant always is important during anal sex.

Not all people enjoy anal sex, if you think you don’t like the feeling of anal penetration, never force yourself to accept it.

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