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5 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

5 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Doctors constantly preach about the health benefits of exercise. But they don’t usually mention how exercise can improve your ability to perform in bed as well… and not just when it comes to a healthy heart either. Here are a few additional ways exercise can improve your sex life.

Increase Your Flexibility

Exercise, in general, can increase your flexibility and strength so you can finally try some of those wild positions in the Kama Sutra. For the really kinky positions though, you’d better start doing yoga. Those tight yoga pants and downward doggy make it worth your while for sure!

Feel Better About Yourself

Exercise also boosts your confidence and self-esteem, which pays off big in the bedroom. People who feel good about themselves are more open to exploring their bodies and sexual desires, leading to increased sexual pleasure and closer relationships with their partners.

Love is in the Air… Literally

Everyone releases a unique blend of pheromones, but you release more pheromones when you’re exercising. A little bit of physical exertion and sweat beforehand can really help arouse and stimulate. This is why the gym can be such a great place to meet someone.

Increase Your Libido

Fat is a libido killer –, especially in men. The fatter you get, the lower your libido gets. It might take some time before you’re back to normal, so don’t get discouraged if your sex drive doesn’t jumpstart overnight.

Boost the Size of His Penis

As men get fatter, they produce more and more estrogen. This makes it harder for big guys to achieve and sustain an erection. Over the long term, it can actually cause his penis to shrink. That’s enough to make even the laziest guy hit the treadmill!

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