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Sex Dolls Storage Guide

By Utimi On May 03, 2023
Looking for a place to store new adult sex dolls can be challenging at times, because doing so comes with a much less enjoyable aspect of adulting.

We are aware that before being stored, a sex doll needs to be clean and dry. When a dirty or wet-cleaned doll is stored, bacteria will grow on it, increasing the likelihood that the doll could cause skin irritation or possibly an infection when it is used again.

In order to keep a real-life sex doll clean while it isn't being used, good sex doll storage options must first be available. One of the best methods to solve this is by buying equipment that helps in safe and simple storage.

Use a sex doll box, hanging rack, or dust bag to keep your sex doll secure. We know that there are lots of  sex doll storage ideas, but the best of the best are gathered here for you.

 • Sex Doll Hanging Rack

Consider this the best option for storing sex dolls because it was produced in warehouses where the manufacturers of the dolls keep their inventory. This suggests that they understand how to store your doll securely without breaking or damaging it.

It is suspended upright so that it doesn't touch any surfaces. You will require a new room or a unique storage container because it will still be hanging in the open and be seen by everyone.

This makes it simple to maintain your doll's good health over time.

 • Sex Doll Storage Box

These sex doll storage cases were created especially for your dolls. They have a comfortable foam interior which makes them easy to lock away safely. With this, you can store your doll in a discrete manner.

This container can be closed with a padlock, making it excellent for long journeys, boating, and flying so that your sex doll is always with you.

To make your real-life sex doll feel comfortable inside the sex doll storage case, padding has been added. It has enough space to hold a sex doll of any size. Prior to purchasing one, be sure to review the parameters because, in some situations, you might need to dismantle your doll before storing it in the sex doll case.

 • Sex doll dust bag

Keeping your sex doll here, in a sex doll storage bag is a good idea. 100% cotton is utilized in the production of muslin bags. As a result, you shouldn't expect your sex doll to be perfect when it comes out of storage.

Several manufacturers understand the importance of protecting your sex doll from dust, intense light, high humidity, and other elements that could harm it. Put your sex doll into the bag and keep it there securely. This is even better because everything is concealed, in order to prevent any unforeseen embarrassments from people as well.

 • Stored under the bed

If none of the aforementioned options work, try hiding your sex doll under the bed. As it is a private space, nobody will be looking under the bed for anything.

You might also get a bed sex doll case to adequately keep your sex doll.

The Precautions When Storing Sex Dolls:

● To prevent fading and damage, keep the doll out of direct sunlight.

● Store the doll in a cool dry place at room temperature. Avoid storing it in places like bathrooms, garages, and other spaces where they can get damp or moldy.

● Keep the doll off synthetic or stained surfaces like black garments or leather sofas for a long period of time.

● Ensure that open flames are out of the doll's reach.

● In order to prevent the skin from becoming strained, injured, or even split, try not to leave the doll in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.

● We advise standing the doll upright in the original shipping box or a sex doll box.

Final Words:

If you want to maintain the longevity of adult sex dolls and keep them hidden from curious eyes, you must store them properly. Since privacy is something we all value, keeping our doll in a closet or other private spot can help us feel more at ease. We sincerely hope that these sex doll storage ideas have helped you in identifying the ideal doll storage options like sex doll storage bags.

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